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Red Hat OpenShift Development I

  • Red Hat OpenShift Development I (DO288) is provides developers an enterprise-ready solution for developing and deploying containerized software applications on an OpenShift cluster.
  • How to Design the Containerized Applications on an OpenShift cluster.
  • How to Build the Containerized Applications (Custom,Source,Docker) on an OpenShift cluster.
  • Deploy Containerized Application on an OpenShift cluster.
Course Overview
  • Red Hat OpenShift Development I: Containerizing Applications (DO288), how to design, build, and deploy containerized software applications on an OpenShift cluster. Whether writing native container applications or migrating existing applications this course provides knowlage to boost developer productivity powered by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Software Developer
  • Software Architects
  • RHCSA certification or equivalent Linux administration experience is required.
  • Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and Red Hat OpenShift (DO180) is highly recommended, or equivalent experience with containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift basics.


1 . Deploying and Managing Applications on an OpenShift Cluster

  • Deploying an Application to an OpenShift Platform
  • Managing Application using Web Console
  • Managing Application using CLI
2 . Designing Containerized Applications for OpenShift

  • Selecting the way of Apporach to Containerization (Container images, Dockerfile, S2I)
  • Building the Container Image with Advanced Dockerfile instructions (Implementing Dockerfile)
  • injecting Configuration Data into an Application

3 . Publishing Enterprise Container Images

  • Creating an Enterprise Registry (Standalone Registry)
  • Allowing Accessing to the Openshift Registry (Managing Registry)
  • Creating the Image Stream (Publish)
4 . Building Applications

  • Describing the OpenShift Build Process
  • Managing the OpenShift Application Build configuration
  • Triggering Build, types of Triggering, Working with Build Triggers
  • Implementing Post-commit Build Hooks
5 . Customizing Source-to-Image Builds

  • Describing the Source-to-Image Architecture
  • Customizing an Existing S2I Builder Image
  • Creating an S2I Builder Image
6 . Creating Applications from OpenShift Templates

  • What is template and also what are Elements in OpenShift Template
  • Creating the MultiContainer Template
7 . Managing Application Deployments

  • Monitoring Application Health (Implement liveness and readiness probes.)
  • Select the appropriate deployment strategy for a cloud-native application.
  • Manage the deployment of an application with CLI commands
8 . Migrating Applications to OpenShift

  • Integrate a containerized application with non-containerized services.
  • Containerize a third-party service.
  • Migrate an application deployed on Red Hat JBoss Middleware


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