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Red Hat Openstack Administration 1 (CL110)

  • Red Hat Openstack Administration 1 (CL110) is designed for system administrators who are intending to implement a cloud-computing environment using openstack.
  • Launch and Customize instance in a private Openstack cloud
  • Manage core Openstack services using the Horizon web interface and the command-line interface.
  • Deploy Scalable stacks.
  • Install a simple proof-of-concept Openstack Deployment
Course Overview
  • Students will learn how to install,configure,use and maintain Red Hat Openstack Platform.
  • The focus of this course will be managing Openstack using the Horizon dashboard and the command-line interface, managing instances and installing a proof of concept.
  • Exam competencies covered in the course include:install and configure Red Hat Openstack Platform(using packstack),managing users,projects, flavors,roles,images,networking and block storage,set quotas and configure instances at instantiation.
  • Cloud administrators,cloud operators and system administratos interested in or responsible for maintaing a private cloud.
  • Students should meet one or more of the following prerequisites:
    • Base experince with system administration on windows,UNIX,or Linux operating systems
    • Red Hat Certified System Administrator(RHCSA in RHEL)

Topics In RedHat Openstack Administration 1

1 . Launching an Instance

  • Launching an instance using the Horizon Dashboard
  • Running the Openstack Unified Command-line interface
  • To describe the openstack architecture
2 . Organizing People and Resources

  • Managing projects
  • Administering Users
  • Assigning User Roles and Privileges
  • Managing Project Quotas

3 . Describing Cloud Computing

  • Describe Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Explaining the use of virtual machines and containers
  • IIIustrating use cases for Red Hat Products
4 . Managing Linux Networks

  • Describing Networking Concepts
  • Managing Network Interfaces
  • Implementing Linux Bridges
  • Implementing Open vSwitch Bridges
5 . Preparing to Deploy an Internal Instance

  • Uploading Images
  • Developing Flavors
  • Managing Private Networks
6 . Deploying an Internal Instance

  • Launching an Internal Instance
7 . Managing Block Storage

  • Describing Features of the cloud storage Architecture
  • Managing Ephemeral Block Storage
  • Administering Persistent Block Storage
8 . Managing object storage

  • Describing Object Storage Architecture
  • Managing object
9 . Preparing to Deploy an External Instance

  • Managing External Networks
  • Preparing Openstack Routers to Deploy and Instance
  • Maintaining Floating IP Addresses
  • Implementing Security
10 . Deploying an External Instance

  • Launching an External Instance
  • Managing Multitenant Networking
11 . Customizing Instances

  • Creating Customized Instances
12 . Deploying Scalable Stacks

  • Analyzing cloud metrics for autoscaling
  • Deploying a Stack
  • Configuring Stack Autoscaling
13 . Installing Openstack

  • Installing Openstack using Packstack


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