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RedHat Enterprise Automation with Ansible (D0407)

  • RedHat Enterprise Automation with Ansible (D0407) is designed for system administator who are intending to use Ansible for automation,configuration, and management.
  • Automate system Administration tasks on managed hosts with ansible
  • learn how to write ansible playbook to statndarized task execution
  • Centrally manged playbooks schedule recurring execution through a web interface with Ansible tower
Course Overview
  • Though hands-on labs,students will learn to automate system administration tasks managed hosts with ansibe learn how to write ansible playbook. how to learn to mange encryption for ansible with ansible Vault ,deploy Ansible tower and use it to manage system, and use ansible in a Devops environment with Vagrant
  • System and Cloud administator needing to automate cloud provisioning,configuration management,application deployment,intra-service orche startion, and other ITneeds
  • RedHat Certified Engineer Certification or equivalent knowledge in 7
  • RedHat Certified System Administrator Certification or equivalent knowledge in 7
1 . Indroducing Ansible
2 . Deploying Ansible

3 . implementing playbooks
4 . managing variables ans inclusion
5 . implementing Task controls
6 . implementing jinja2 template
7 . implementing roles
8 . Optimizing Ansible
9 . implementing Ansible Vault
10 . Troubleshooting Ansible
11 . Implementing Ansible Tower
12 . impementing Ansible in a Devops Environment


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